4 Creative Ways To Travel on Summer Roadtrip

Summer Vacation 2008

Summer is finally here and it is road trip season. Whether you are driving to the beach or going cross country, traveling is a big part of summer in the USA.

Instead of packing up the family sedan and heading out, why not do something a little bit more adventurous in 2013? After all, getting there is half the fun…so don’t neglect the “adventure” portion of the journey.

Here are five creative ways to get from Point A to Point B this summer that will add a little adventure to the traditional summer road trip.

1. Travel by train

Train trips allow you to see a lot of scenery and enjoy spectacular views without having to worry about driving. With food and entertainment onboard, riding by train can be a unique experience that you won’t soon forget. Amtrak serves the entire US and there’s likely a train headed towards your destination this summer.

2. Fly first class

Instead of being jealous of everybody sitting in the big comfy chairs, why not treat yourself to first class amenities next time you take to the air? For long flights, coach can be unbearable with tight quarters and loads of people. First class allows you to start your vacation off the right way: by relaxing!

3. Ride a motorcycle

Motorcycle trips are perfect for summertime journeys. Nothing beats the feeling of hitting the open road on your bike and feeling the breeze blow by you. Be sure to invest in a motorcycle accident attorney to be safe!

4. Walk

Crazy, right? But going on a long trip like hiking the Appalachian Trail can create many life long memories. Make the journey your ‘destination!’ This is very cost efficient and healthy. Enjoy nature in a new and powerful way. Just be sure to check into some therapy swimming pools along the way!


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