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Become a Writer – Guest Blog Post for Mixios

Writing for Mixios certainly has its advantages. If you are looking to get more involved online and voice your opinions, write a guest post for Mixios! We are growing and growing and as we increase in size, we need more content. You might be looking for more backlinks to your blog and need more traffic to your website. Well, when you write for us, we both benefit. We get the content and you get the extra links! You get the exposure that you desire for your website to have as well as a boost in traffic. Keep people coming back to your website with a link in your author byline!

Why Become a Writer for Mixios?

The answer is simple. You get more people coming to your website through the link in your author byline. We have a large audience and lots of people see our blog posts. If you become a writer, your posts will get seen and shared. Our many social media channels share each of our posts which attracts even more viewers. Each and every one of these users are possible visitors to your website too! Start writing for us and get your posts featured on our home page and have the increased traffic to your site.

What’s the catch? The only rule is…

You must write unique content! None of your posts can be copied from any other site and once it is published on our site, you cannot post it anywhere else. We also have the right to edit any information we publish as we need to maintain our blog! These are the only things you need to know for becoming a writer for Mixios. Keeping up with these rules is important to us at Mixios since we are trying to maintain a brand name.

Become a Writer Today!

What are you waiting for? Send us your content now in a Microsoft Word Doc to with “Become a writer – Mixios Guest Post” in the subject and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as we can!