Brand Building: Become an Expert in your Niche

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Becoming an authority in a specific niche is no easy task, even if that niche is something you have thorough experience in. Successfully building a brand has always been an arduous task, but the internet has enabled marketing-related opportunities that make generating exposure for your expertise much easier. The tips below are recommended starting points for raising awareness of your niche, in addition to making others aware of your own position within it:

Identify your competitors

Identifying the leaders within your niche is the first step to become an expert within it, and has several benefits. For one, finding authority sites may inspire ideas for your own work. More importantly, you can identify your target audience, and the type of topics that attracts them. Finding the most popular posts on competitor web sites can provide ideas for both content and SEO maneuvering. Google your niche, and see what comes up. Keep the successes in mind; they may be inspiration for success down the road.

Engage in forums

Becoming an expert in your niche is only possible if the fans of that niche consider you an expert. To accomplish this, it is important to join and participate in forums related to your niche. To find a forum, typing something like “YOUR NICHE + FORUM” in Google will do the trick. Forum search engines like BoardReader can also be used. Making connections via these forums will help you learn more about the niche, in addition to gathering a potential artist for when you create a web site, which leads us to…

Create a web site about your niche

Creating a web site is easier than ever. You don’t have to be familiar with HTML code, graphic design, or any technological lingo. Blogging services like WordPress allow you to implement a very simple user interface on a web site, where you simply login, write a post, and click ‘Publish’. With a collection of free WordPress themes online, there is also an abundance of visual options. Write posts about your niche consistently, market your site naturally on the niche-relevant forums (without spamming), and read up on SEO WordPress techniques. Over time, you will establish your online presence as an expert within your niche.

Subscribe to magazines in the niche

The internet and Kindle has caused the number of magazine subscriptions to dwindle in recent years, but they remain sources of original content for those willing to look. Once you have your web site, you’ll likely reach a point sometime of writer’s block, where you’re at a loss as to what to post. Browsing magazines and blogs within your niche can inspire topic ideas. Just don’t rip them off; let them serve as inspiration instead, and credit the original source if it was used heavily.

Be patient

A niche expertise doesn’t occur overnight. Patience is very important throughout the long process of being widely considered a niche expert. Identifying your competitors, engaging in forums, creating a web site, and doing a vast amount of research to inspire original content are steps that are rewarded by patience. It may take awhile, but if you have the passion and dedication to research, then there is no reason why you can’t become an expert in any niche you desire.


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