Laphroaig’s New Ad Campaign Is ‘Kind of Oily’

Admittedly, Whiskey and Scotch aren’t my thing. Each attempt at elevating my palate with these spirits has resulted in a burning gut and singed nose hairs. Luckily, my love of red wine keeps me looking classy during Happy Hour. At least I think it does.

Although this type of spirit doesn’t tickle my taste buds, I’m head over heals for Laphroaig’s new ad campaign called “Opinions Welcome.”  Feast your eyes and ears on people of all demographics attempting to aptly describe what it’s like to drink a finger of Laphroaig.



My favorite has to be the reactions of the older woman in purple. Not only does she “think they let the cows in that one” — whatever that means — she explains the lackluster flavor on the 10 year ageing process. Absolutely priceless.


Below are a few more of my favorite welcomed opinions:





lap 3


This company is not only very aware of their brand, they know how to leverage consumer opinion to create a clever, witty and compelling ad campaign that has this girl willing to give Scotch another go.


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