Street Style in Seoul

Recently contestants on The Bachelor took a trip to Seoul. Please, please don’t judge me for watching The Bachelor. It’s 90 minutes of mindless entertainment — a girl could do worse. Anyway, I was intrigued by the fashion and as a result, this article was born.

Goths. Punks. Preps. Hippies. Surely, upon hearing each of these descriptors, it’s easy to conjure up an image of what someone who identifies with one of these groups might look like. Their easy-to-imagine looks aren’t the only things that unite these fashion trends, though; they all started as street styles.

What is Street Style?

Clearly, street style is something that you’ll find on, where else, the street. It separates itself from mainstream fashion, though, because street style comes from the people and not from the runways. Simply, street style is a grassroots-type way of creating fashion trends. Most street style comes from youth subcultures, such as the four mentioned above, as well as greasers, rastafarians and teddy boys.


Seoul’s Place

Paris, London, New York and the streets of Japan are some of the first places that come to mind when talking about street style. Seoul, South Korea, however, is quickly climbing its way up the list of important hubs for street style.

They’ve separated themselves from the black-on-black that’s become the Big Apple’s signature and the jewel-toned get-ups that have recently flooded the sidewalks of the City of Love. Instead, Seoul’s street style features an impeccable eye for layering, pattern-mixing, proportion-mixing and accessories that would normally have fashion editors scoffing (bucket hats and socks with heels, anyone?). Seoul’s pedestrians also boast an interesting mix of local brands—Coming Step, Low Classic and Gluwa, among others—with well-known finds from H&M, Zara, Topshop and more.

It’s hard to believe that the street fashionistas in this city didn’t learn their skills in Seoul schools; they taught themselves, and their impact on the fashion world at large has yet to be seen.


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