The Benefits of Green Smoothies

Tropical, fruity smoothies are a common sight in many shops nowadays as people become more health conscious. However, the humble green smoothie is often overlooked in favor of overly sugary shop-made drinks that are of little nutritional benefit.

With reasonably-priced ingredients and a good blender, easy green smoothies can be made in mere minutes – there’s really no excuse not to try it!

Don’t be scared!

Green smoothies can be really delicious if the right ingredients are blended. Combine healthy fruits such as bananas or berries with spinach, raw seeds and coconut water and an instantly nutritious drink is ready to go.

What can you put in it?

green smoothie - day 5

If you’re not keen on one particular green, it can be switched for another quite easily. For those who don’t quite like spinach, celery, avocados, parsley and kiwis are all green ingredients that can contribute to an excellent smoothie.

Green smoothies don’t have be to be made up of purely green fruit and vegetables, though – you can combine them with pineapples oranges, dates, ginger, soya milk… you name it, you can make a smoothie with it!

Why green smoothies are good for you

There are many ways in which these tasty drinks can improve your health. Need a bit of a kick to get your morning energy going? The nutritional benefits of green produce can really get your day started with a zing.

Want to cleanse your body of unwanted bloated feelings and toxins? Drinking just one smoothie can help to reduce the feeling of gas and lethargy that most people feel during their daily routine.

Looking for an easy way to cleanse your skin and revitalise your hair? After a few days of drinking this colorful beverage, you’ll soon see your body responding positively to its new nutrition.


Who recommends green smoothies?

Experts such as Julie Montagu (the mind and body behind the The Flexi Foodie) recommend these healthy drinks as a reliable way of kickstarting healthy habits, losing those last stubborn pounds of fat or merely giving yourself a bit of a boost.

In the end, though, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist – or even a nutritional expert – to see that green smoothies are a simple way of getting more of your five a day which your body will certainly thank you for!  


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